The Captivating Beauty of Cebu Islands

AJsPlace- Captivating Beauty of Cebu Islands

Cebu is one of the Philippines’ front-liners when it comes to the best tourist spots in the country. It is the home of numerous beaches and nature parks. Located in the Visayas, Cebu gains almost two million tourists every year.

The Queen City of the South, as what they named Cebu. It is the second biggest and oldest city in the country, according to history. Locals say that January is the best time to visit Cebu since it celebrates one of the grandest festivities in the country, the Sinulog Festival. It represents the different cultural and historical background that shows how diverse the city is.

But of course, on top of it all, Cebu prides itself on the breathtaking marine life it has. The fish sanctuaries, corals, and the famous whale and thresher sharks. Cebu has it all. Perfect for every summer vacation, the city offers a wide range of summer activities for families and individuals to enjoy.

No need to worry about your Cebu accommodation and tour packages since there’s a lot of budget-friendly hotels and resorts to stay with. So if you and your family are planning to experience the beauty of Cebu, you can contact AJ’s Place Beach Resort. Stay in our cozy room accommodation and try our different tour packages. Explore the beauty of Cebu, now!

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