Frequently Asked Questions

We answer some FAQ about AJ’s Place, our day tours, whale shark watching, and more.


What are the fees for whale shark watching?

Whale Shark Watching fees for Swimming, Snorkeling and Viewing from the Boat (includes Government Whale Shark Watching Fee, mask/snorkel, life jacket and boat ride to interaction area):
• All Guests Rate – P500

Scuba Diving (includes Government Dive Ticket, Dive Master/Guide, full dive gear):
• Resident – P2300
• Non-Resident – P3300

***Whale shark watching fees are regulated by the local government.***

How do I get to AJ’s Place Resort by bus from Mactan International Airport?

Here are the directions from Mactan International Airport to AJ’s Place Beach Resort via Ceres Bus:

    •Take a taxi to the South Bus Terminal. The taxi fare should be less than P250. (It may be more if there is a lot of traffic.) The taxi driver will ask you for P10 for the terminal entrance fee.

    •Once at the South Bus Terminal, you will want to be in the line for Bay/Gate #8 or #9. You will see signs at the gate for OSLOB. (If it’s busy you may be directed to the back of the terminal where the line begins for Gate #8 and #9.) The bus fare is less than P200/per person.

    •When the bus departs, the conductor will ask each passenger for their destinations. Tell the conductor you are going to Oslob for whale shark watching. He’ll know where you’re going. Tell him that you have reservations at AJ’s Place Resort in Tan-awan. He’ll give you a ticket and come around later to collect the fare.

    •Once you get closer, the conductor will ask you where you want to be dropped off. They may try to drop you off at another resort (they get commission from other resorts when they drop off guests at their gate). Just tell them AJ’s Place Resort. We are the only resort with two gates and a chain link fence with ivy growing on the fence. We also have two signs out front and you’ll see our name in red letters. You should be dropped off directly in front of our resort.

Do I need to make a reservation for whale shark watching?

If you’re a walk-in guest, come on in! You don’t need a reservation. AJ’s Guest Services staff assist our walk-in guests on a first-come, first serve basis.

How do I get to Tan-awan to see the whale sharks, and what is the cost of transportation?

The least expensive way to travel to Tan-awan is by public transportation.

• From Cebu City/Mactan Island, take a jeepney or taxi to the
South Bus Terminal.
  Once at the bus terminal, take the Ceres (yellow) or Sunrays (white) bus going to OSLOB.

• Jeepney from Oslob Town Proper to Tan-awan: P10

• Taxi from airport to South Bus Terminal: P150 – P250 (maybe more with heavy traffic)

• Airconditioned Bus: P160 – P180

• Non-Airconditioned Bus: P140 – P160

• Car Rental: Please refer to our Shuttle Service Rates.

• Directions from Dumaguete.

• Ferry Schedule

• Directions from Bohol.

• Regular Ferry Schedule

• Fast Ferry Schedule

What are the hours for whale shark watching?

Whale shark watching hours are 6:00am – 12(noon) daily.

Closed on Good Friday each year. Click here for Good Friday dates.

***Please be advised that ticket issuance may close as early as 10:30am if the briefing area is very busy. We advise our guests to arrive no later than 10am to ensure issuance of a ticket.***

What are the best days and times to go whale shark watching?

For the best whale shark watching experience, we recommend avoiding the crowds by:

• Scheduling your tour Monday – Thursday
• 6am – 8am arrival to AJ’s Place
• Pre-registration at AJ’s Place
Contact Us to customize a tour package that best fits your schedule and budget.

Once I get to AJ’s Place, where do I go whale shark watching?

Whale shark watching from AJ’s Place is easy and convenient:

For the convenience of our guests, we do the pre-registration at our resort.

Our guests are then guided to the briefing area just a short distance away to attend the orientation on Whale Shark Watching etiquette.

Guests will then be guided to the waiting area for the next available boat. When your boat is ready you will be fitted with your lifejacket and a mask/snorkel will be provided. The whale shark interaction is 30 minutes. Time begins once the boat has reached the interaction area.

The tour package includes a lifevest, mask and snorkel and boat ride to the interaction area. Tour length will vary between 1 hour to 2 hours, sometimes longer, depending on the time of day/season and how many guests are waiting.

We recommend a tour start time between 6am to 8am, Mon – Thur for the best interaction times.

When you return to AJ’s Place, you can shower and change, have lunch and we can help you plan the rest of your day!

How do I book and pay for my tour package reservation?

Reservation and Payment Information:

To book your tour, the deposit can be paid by one of the following methods of payment:


1) Credit/Debit Card via PayPal
    •We will email a PayPal invoice for the deposit amount

2) Direct payment to our PayPal Account

3) Bank Details
    •Bank Name: BPI Gaisano Tabunok Branch
    •Savings Account #: 9959 2532 23
    •Account Name: Adrianne B Silver DBA AJ’s Place
        •For international bank transfers:
            •SWIFT Code: BOPIPHMM
            •Routing #: 026005966

4) Wire Transfer

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