5 Activities to try in Cebu: Where to stay?

AJ's PLace- 5 Activities to try in Cebu

Hike to Osmeña Peak
Osmeña Peak lets you enjoy both sunrise and sunset view 1013 meters above sea level from the highest mountain in Cebu. It is known for its amazing Panoramic sight that give the view of the ocean and surrounding mountain tops. It usually takes 20-30 minutes to reach the peak.

Kawasan Falls
This waterfall has one of the most magical-like beauty in Cebu. The downhill river ends up in a clear blue body of water. But you should also take note that this activity is usually crowded due to the large volume of tourists.

Temple of Leah
Inspired by Greek and Roman empires, this architecture is located along Cebu Transcentral Highway. The temple, built as a symbol of eternal love and devotion from a husband to his late wife, is a museum, art gallery, and library at the same time. This scenic location is a great place for your Instagram photos!

Island Hopping
Cebu is indeed a tropical paradise. Island hopping is another famous activity to try when you’re in Cebu. From one island to another like Pandanon Island in Mactan, you will surely enjoy snorkeling in the crystal clear waters around Mactan’s many islands.

Swim with Whale Sharks
Whale shark watching is what Cebu is famous for. It is also the same reason for the city’s booming ecotourism. These water giants can be found in the small barangay of Tan-awan, Oslob. So, if you’re in Cebu, take the chance to swim with these amazing creatures. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience you don’t want to miss!

If you’re ready to explore Cebu, the best place to stay is in Oslob! It is where most of the action happens. From sight-seeing to island hopping or just a place to chill and get away from the crowds, they have it all there!

AJ’s Place Beach Resort is situated in the town of Oslob. They offer the best tour packages for you to try. The place is serene, and the atmosphere is truly perfect for your summer vacation! Experience the best Cebu vacation in AJ’s Place Beach Resort!

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